How to Decorate a Small Bedroom: 3 Ideas to Try

by Bill Mamak 05/06/2022

Sometimes decorating a small space can feel just as daunting as decorating a large one. For those with small bedrooms, it can be especially difficult to find a balance between decoration and maximizing available space. Luckily, there are some ways you can make a small bedroom feel bigger while adding style at the same time. Here are some tips for decorating small bedrooms:

Lose the Headboard

You might be surprised how much space even a simple bed frame can take up. If your bed has a headboard, there might be entire extra feet of space being wasted. If you’re wanting a way to make the room feel bigger and also give your bed a fresh look, opt for a low-profile bed frame with no headboard or footboard. Low platform beds are perfect for this idea and sometimes award the opportunity for hidden storage beneath. With the headboard out of the picture you’ll have more room to maneuver around the bed as well as free wall space for art and other decor. If the wall feels too bare, try hanging a rug or macrame tapestry for a cozy feel.

Choose Multi-Functional Accents

When you’re working with a small amount of space, it’s crucial that every piece serves a purpose—or more than one. This is where furnishings and features like storage seating, wall shelving and hidden drawers come into play. If you have the opportunity for extra storage in any piece of furniture, take full advantage of it to save space. If you want a bench at the foot of the bed, opt for a storage chest and top it with a comfy throw blanket. Vanities with built-in shelves and drawers for small personal items will help you avoid surface clutter and adding floating shelves and wall hooks for storage and display will keep the entire room feeling open and relaxing.

Stay Subtle With Patterns

While bedroom decor is a perfect way to express your personal style, you can easily overwhelm a small bedroom with too much pattern. Mixed patterns or an abundance of bold, graphic prints can make the room appear smaller by cluttering the view. If you love a specific fabric print or motif, use it for accents instead of the foundation. Choosing the same color palette as your favorite patterned pillow cases or throws will make the decor cohesive and give you an opportunity to experiment with vibrant colors. Patterns and prints can be excellent additions to any room’s decor, but be wary of making your small bedroom feel too busy.

There are many ways to make small rooms appear larger and these are just a few ideas to use in decorating a bedroom. As long as you pay attention to furniture scale you will avoid any major space issues. However, little tricks like swapping the headboard for wall art or opting for furniture with hidden storage will maximize the space and give you more options to let your creativity flourish in other aspects of decorating.

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